Luxury, Private Detox and Recovery
With Individualized Transformational Therapies

Why Patients and Loved Ones Choose Detox and Individualized Treatment At Newport Recovery, Adelante

  • 24 Hour Specialized Registered Nurses read more
  • In-House Expert Medical Doctor read more
  • Dual Diagnosis & Mental Health Stabilization read more
  • Pain Management and Opiate Detox read more
  • Executive & High Profile Patient Privacy read more
  • Anger Management & Assertive Training read more
  • Couple's Accommodations, Detox and Recovery read more
  • Anxiety Treatment and Benzodiazepine Detox read more
  • Specialized Approach for Patients with Relapse History read more
  • Treatment for Co-Dependency read more
  • PTSD, Trauma, Other Life Stressors read more
  • 80% of Treatment is One on One read more
  • 12 Step Programs Offered, but Never Required read more
  • Supportive Versus Punitive House Rules read more
  • Adjunct Therapies with Leading Licensed Experts read more
  • Extensive Support and Therapy for Loved Ones read more

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Mission Statement

"We provide a superior quality of addiction treatment based on western medicine and holistic alternatives. As a result, our patients achieve greater prognosis for lasting recovery."

"Our goal is to be the world's finest option in field of addiction treatment as we serve our population, their loved ones and our community."

"We accomplish our intentions and purpose by creating cutting-edge programs designed to address the unique needs of the individual."

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"I visited many so called luxury facilities. I finally made my way to Newport. I was met me with a hug and pleasant surprises; I could keep my phone and computer. My peers are mature, educated adults. A private room and no drama, I can relax and focus on my recovery program." - Grateful Grownup

Welcome Home
"It feels so peaceful here"...


Patients and visiting professionals
comment on the noticeable serenity within our intended healing space.

Evolved Recovery Paradigm
"Time for a shift away from outdated one size fits all treatment programs..."


Our team is frequently invited to universities to educate graduate students. N.R. founders created model for an evolved treatment approach.

Life changing personalized care.
"Love heals..."


We treat you with respect, like an adult.
And no, we are not taking away your phone and computer.

Revive your Talents & Best Self
"If we all did the things that we are capable of, we would astound ourselves..."


When change is your choice,
happiness thrives. You were destined for greatness, you just forgot.