24 Hour Specialized Registered Nurses

Your physical health and comfort is paramount to the detoxification phase of Addiction Treatment and Recovery. That is why we choose the most experienced and highly educated nursing team.

You want a Registered Nurse when your body is changing, literally minute to minute. We have witnessed the inadequacies of programs that fail to offer this higher quality of care.  We also have Dr. Penunuri in person and one phone call away to strategize optimal care.

When your whole body is screaming out, “where are my drugs and drink”, it is the expert Chemical Dependency Nurse that knows detox symptoms inside out and backwards. Our nurses have the notable knowledge and proven instinct to stay ahead of the predictable  and sometimes unpredictable phases of detox.

Our Counseling Team includes nursing input and likewise nurses are updated with all aspects of the Psychosocial and Program Treatment Plan.  All too often in large hospital programs the nurses and counselors lack that unity and Team Meetings.

The Body Manifests Emotional Distress

We know that during the years of active addiction, depression, stress and anxiety, the body is affected and actually “carries” the energy that the mental and emotional body fail to positively process. That is why it is so essential to healing the “whole Being”. As nurses we observe both bodily vital signs and body language.

We notice eye contact, nervousness and of course whether or not a patient continues to focus more on his body than his recovery course. “Time to call in a counselor for a one on one session”.


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