Benefits of Recovery in Private, Upscale Treatment

Benefits of Recovery in Private, Upscale Treatment

Well of course it is lovely, but let’s get on with the REAL benefits:

We treat you like an adult; you don’t have to relinquish your phone, computer or any other item that reminds you of the real world. People, who stay sober, do so, by showing up for life, fulfilling goals and yes, talking on the phone. Call a sober friend.

The gourmet food and serene environment contribute to self-esteem and God knows you probably need some at this point You doubtfully created a life plan that included addiction. More One on One Sessions contribute to an Individualized Treatment Plan that includes rebuilding esteem that empowers future life choices.

Your private room offers an opportunity to Meditate, Journal and even conduct your business if necessary.

One of our patients who entered Treatment last month said that she had visited several other facilities and discovered that all of the other Centers she visited were going to take her phone and computer. I reassured her that in 30 years as an Addiction Professional, I had never heard anyone blame relapse on a phone.

We have designed an environment that resembles your home minus the chaos of addiction that you leave behind.

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