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Founders Re-invent Recovery and Witness Results

With decades of education and experience in a myriad of traditional treatment programs, we longed for an opportunity to create a recovery program with an evolved approach to treatment. From detox to aftercare, acknowledging repeated patient relapse and increasing fatalities we observed the inadequate outdated one size fits all treatment approach more often dictated by bureaucrats and insurance companies than dedicated healers.

Our Medical Director, a Renowned Addiction Expert is Rafael Pununuri, MD.  His warm heart and delightful disposition is matched only by his education, experience and exceptional knowledge base. One of his most common statements is “what more can we do to help this patient?” A physician who truly loves alcoholics, addicts and those suffering with severe behavioral challenges is rare.  We often care for patients referred by other facilities so that we can stabilize them before transferring them back. Doctor Penunuri and Team meet daily to strategize treatment plans that produces accelerated progress.

He is “real”, easy to talk to and willing to do anything to bring health and well-being to patients, their loved ones and staff alike. Just last month he did surgery on the dishwasher.


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