Addiction & Mental Patients are Chaos Junkies

When I complete assessment with new patients I am left with their laundry list of problems both real and exaggerated. Yes there is a theory that inflicted individuals have to “hit bottom” before they are willing to seek help, but also noted is that chaotic life choices are part of their mental makeup.

So how do we reverse the tendency to expect that life is hard?  There are several processes that we find most effective;  Behavioral Modification, Neuro Liguistic Programming and hypnotherapy contribute to changing subconscious automatic thoughts and actions. When we give ourselves permission to believe that life is easy we allow ourselves to live in the “flow”. Is that a huge undertaking?  You bet it is, but when your entire team is speaking the same language, the patients begin to realize how problematic their former thinking was.

Our patients begin to repeat positive messaging because it is so engrained in every area of their physical, mental and emotional treatment. When they walk out of our facility after  completing their inpatient program and join our alumni, they are truly changed.  They have a great prognosis for lasting wellness. You are who you think you are.

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