Addiction Recovery; Group Versus Individual Treatment

Addiction Recovery; Group Versus Individual Treatment

Let’s take a look at the dynamics of both types of therapy. Groups are significant in that they allow individuals to “identify” similarities with others of like experiences. One on one therapies offer patients and therapeutic team the opportunity to dig deeper in the privacy of a confidential setting. Groups are great, private sessions are imperative. Because of the counselor/patient ratio at Newport Recovery we are able to offer increased individual sessions. In many cases the patient receives hours of personal time daily and especially with history of chronic relapse or dual diagnosis.

I was privileged in the past 12 years to conduct sessions in my private practice. Great success was celebrated with an accelerated approach to uncovering deep-seated contributing factors that previously sabotaged lasting recovery. The team counselors at Newport Recovery use that same proactive method. The intention for a more solid positive prognosis emphasizes the most significant outcome by raising awareness and expanding consciousness. Self reflection, transitional goal setting and treatment plans that are developed from daily growth and maturity occur one on one.  Group sessions support success.


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