Addiction Treatment Promotes Purpose and Prosperity

Addiction Treatment Promotes Purpose and Prosperity

Who would you be if you could let go of addiction? Substance abuse takes a lot of time and effort. Imagine what life could be like if you invested that energy in your life purpose.

“Drop the rock” is a familiar saying in 12-Step Programs, meaning that once we let go of the burden of abuse we are free to pursue our dreams. Visions of joyful accomplishment begin replacing thoughts of doom, gloom and dependence.

All I ever really wanted was to be happy. I was once certain that the fast track to excitement and creativity was only possible when I was “high”, until getting high led to unimaginable lows. And then by the Grace of a wise moment in time, I knew better. Slowly I began to trust that my recovery program would someday bring about the lasting happiness I would never find through drugs and alcohol.

I knew when I developed the treatment protocol at Newport Recovery that I would surely incorporate a system of therapy and set of tools that offered a renewed sense of inner strength and reason for being. Patients are led in the direction of their talents and goals.

Recovery is worth trying when you know that you will uncover your purpose and allow means to prosperous endeavors.

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