Addiction Treatment Promotes Responsibility

Addiction Treatment Promotes Responsibility

The choices we make in each moment are ours to own. Oh yes, sometimes life seems so unfair and yet, ultimately I must respond with either proactive or reactive alternatives.The best Treatment Plan includes adopting life skills that promote personal responsibility for not only the decision to embrace sobriety but also a more mature approach to day-to-day judgments.

The “addict” mindset wants what it wants and wants it now, which is at the core of previous demands for “immediate gratification”. Once in recovery, there is a forward movement toward rationality. The formally impulsive mindset must be refined. Positive prognosis includes noticeable increased levels of maturity. Time to grow up and postpone indulgence behavior.

I am delighted to witness extraordinary growth in our patients as they make the “right” choices and at the end of the day are fulfilled rather than frustrated.

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