Addictive Thinking Leads to Alcohol and Drug Abuse

This teaching and explanation of Addictive Thinking applies to all areas of our Being that cause separation from Oneness and therefore loss of Peace, sobriety, healthy relationships and positive life choices.Our state of Being has less to do with the outside influences…  Stress to life circumstances leads us to either express or react to the human condition through our lower frequencies, (identified as the ego) or our evolved self or higher frequencies (identified as our Higher Self).

We escape through various means, substances, relationships and other behaviors or belief systems.  Addictions arise in numerous ways, drugs and alcohol, addictive relationships and addictive behaviors that deflate our essential and authentic Self and cause loss of identification with the One.

The human condition is divided into four categories:

Mental Body -  All reaction occurs first in the mind. Triggers to past events or “past life”;  (our DNA and the human condition). We refer to Astrology, Numerology, Personality Tests and other Ancient Wisdoms to help us identify our innate traits and thus likely manner of “thinking”. “We are what we think about”. Every thought produces a spontaneous reaction in the other three areas of Being.

Emotional Body – reacts to a thought and produces a feeling that resonates with either a sense of fear or love. These two primordial feelings are the only primary initial responses to a “thought event” and thus produces feelings of peace, contentment, satisfaction, empathy, joy and bliss or…   dread, judgment, remorse, resentment, anger and apathy.

The end result is a great or lesser connection to the One…. And trust that; “my world is in Divine order” or “my/the world is against me”.We return to the mind to look for reasons or answers… we deduct either:“I am blessed with these earth lessons to evolve and thrive”    or“ I am cursed with tragedy and I am incapable of surviving and overcoming adversity”

Spiritual Body – reacts by either assuming closer connection to the One or greater separateness from the One. Life choices result as either a contribution to Humanity and the “Greater Good/God” or despair with Humanity through destructive patterns of behavior. Addictive/compulsive behavior results in an effort to seek out immediate relief and thus discharge the negative thoughts and feelings that consume the Being. Connected to the One, we care about our fellows and seek closeness.

In opposition, the individual becomes self-serving due to this overwhelming sense of separateness. Isolation from the “Source” permeates every aspect of conduct on the physical plain. We identify as victims and seek to punish our “enemies” and conclude that circumstances outside of us are the source of our misery.

Physical body – the body responds to ego identification, to embody the negative energies and tenses up, creating a chain reaction of brain chemicals flowing to every cell and system… eventually leading to physical death.  All diseases are stress based. It begins in one organ or body system and then the rest of the body loses homeostasis and has to work harder, fighting for stability.

We may stabilize our energy field and reverse the progression toward physical death. We use meditation, yoga, tai chi and other energy based activities to bring about a more “centered” state and thus open the “body chi” to regain a connection to Source. Healing begins:

The Physical Body – delivers a flow of healing chemicals toward homeostasis

The Mental Body – develops solution based thought patterns

The Emotional Body – feels safe and loved

The Spiritual Body – embraces self-empowered awareness of Oneness and looks to the Source for guidance and wisdom to survive and thrive on the physical plain.

In Recovery:

The world of the “ordinary” is diminished and replaced by the magnificent power held within the “extraordinary”. Divine Intervention aligns with your Highest Good.

Addictive thinking is replaced by Inner Peace. The mind sends messages that trigger feelings that nurture self and others, relax the body and seek methods to remain “in the Light”.

Aaahhh, I am at One with Creative Energies. The world is my oyster. I am home. I am safe and I am loved.  I am love.

Physical Body – performs at peak perfection with all cells and systems nurtured by release of natural healing chemicals that respond to expanding the “Life Force”.

Mental Body – Automatic thinking produces reasonable thoughts alive with wisdom and intentional positive purpose.

Emotional Body – Feels the thoughtful, mindful intentions and feels loved

Spiritual Body – Assumes a sacred alliance with Source Energies. I can maintain this loving, peaceful energy because I am wise and wonderful.  I Am One



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