Additional Services

Additional Services

Love Heals and with Our Programs “The Sky is the Limit”

Top Professionals Support Our Patients, Refer and

Promote Our Specialized, Evolved Treatment Approach

We have experienced the highest complement from leading treatment programs and Interventionists. They refer clients and patients who require specialized aspects of our program:

  • Medical Detox with 24 hour Registered Nurses, medication management and daily Physician physical assessment
  • Medication stabilization and Behavior Modification for individuals that have failed at other programs. We are able to structure Treatment Plans that offer very unique processes, including our exclusive style of Hypnotherapy, Consciousness Shifting and willingness to call in other adjunct therapies.
  • One on One Counseling 12 hours daily

Unique Continuing and Aftercare Programs

Transitional Programs: Developing life skills and functioning in the real world is one of the greatest challenges to the patient who needs help reuniting with family, the workplace and daily choices. So what do we do? We go to the mall, restaurants, the movies, encourage home visits with or without a staff companion and set up a work area with your computer to work or search for work.

High Profile Clients, Executives and Health Care Professionals:

Require privacy, confidentiality and support to regain self-esteem and overcome the stigma associated with addiction and mental health care.

Day Program: Allows patients who do not need inpatient care to receive the same one on one counseling, access to medical care and group support. The program is individualized according to your Treatment Plan, availability and financial status.

Monitoring Program: Supports your aftercare and return to the real world either for your own vulnerable state or to regain your family or employer trust by documenting proof of sobriety. At least three days weekly you will come to either our center or one of our partners to drug test and use Breathalyzer.  For a very low cost you will also receive ongoing one on one counseling, group support and invitation to special events.

Our Door is Always Open to Our Alumni: We love you and your smiling faces. We celebrate your success and whenever you pop in for groups or special events (no charge) or join us for dinner to send off a new graduate we see that your time here was all worth it.

Although our current program is fairly new (a year old) we are excited about the 90% success rate of all of you that completed the program. You trusted the process and followed your dreams and look at you now.


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