Adolescent Brains Could Predict Addiction

Adolescent Brains Could Predict Addiction

When teens start drinking early the developing brain and brain activity could predict which teens are at risk for future addiction. According to recent studies by researchers at the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine and VA San Diego Healthcare System we can attribute both adolescent choices and the long held studies about genetics conclude that teen drinking or drug use might lead to addiction.

If you ever wondered why your problematic drinking behavior was apparent even at the beginning of your drinking career, it is clear that you may have been at risk from the start. At age 16 with my first drink of alcohol, I wondered why and how I could always drink more than anyone else and still walk. Little did I know that when I first took that drink the drink took me? Genetics not only determined my skin, eyes, and hair, it also predetermined a downward spiral into Alcoholism and Drug Addiction.

We could blame our parents, our ethnicity and cultural upbringing but at this point isn’t it time for us to empower our daily choices rather than find fault with our fate? With dedication to Treatment and Recovery and decades of sobriety I accept the truth and find strength in my destiny. I kind of like believing that I am “special” rather than afflicted. My journey allows me to share “my experience, strength and hope.” I am not only an educated professional; I am able to empathize with your pain.

If it weren’t for my past I wouldn’t have the pleasure of helping you in the future. I love my life and I am grateful for each day that I awake above the ground as I choose life.

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