Alcohol & Drug Abuse Costs are Motivations for Detox and Rehab

Alcohol & Drug Abuse Costs are Motivations for Detox and Rehab

Newport Recovery intervenes with a therapeutic detox and rehab. Our programs delivers preventative care. Investing in recovery limits greater future mounting costs.

For one in 13 American adults, alcohol abuse or alcohol dependence (alcoholism) causes substantial harm to their health and disruption in their lives.There are more deaths and disabilities each year in the U.S. from substance abuse than from any other cause.

About 18 million Americans have alcohol problems

  • About 5 to 6 million Americans have drug problems.
  • More than half of all adults have a family history of alcoholism or problem drinking.
  • More than nine million children live with a parent dependent on alcohol and/or illicit drugs.
  • One-quarter of all emergency room admissions, one-third of all suicides, and more than half of all homicides and incidents of domestic violence are alcohol-related.
  • Heavy drinking contributes to illness in each of the top three causes of death: heart disease, cancer and stroke.
  • Almost half of all traffic fatalities are alcohol-related.
  • Between 48% and 64% of people who die in fires have blood alcohol levels indicating intoxication.
  • Fetal alcohol syndrome is the leading known cause of mental retardation.
  • Alcohol and drug abuse costs the American economy an estimated $276 billion per year in lost productivity, health care expenditures, crime, motor vehicle crashes and other conditions.
  • Untreated addiction is more expensive than heart disease, diabetes and cancer combined.
  • Every American adult pays nearly $1,000 per year for the damages of addiction.
Prevention saves all of us money but more thoughtfully, saves lives.




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