Anger Management & Assertive Training

For some people drug and alcohol use and abuse subdues anger and for others it releases the rage. It is that rage deep inside that not only destroys your personal peacefulness; it disrupts relationships and limits your ability to express your true feelings.

Our patients who face that aspect of their addiction and mental health share the torment in losing control of their emotions and never understanding why and some have these outbursts in a blackout, and wonder why everyone is so upset and hurt.

First Things First

Whether or not that rage and loss of control is related to addictions, we know you want to live life knowing that you can trust that your words and behaviors are authentically you. That is where we come in.

We will get to the bottom of this character defect. Our Team is the best at uncovering long occurring behavioral problems. We use accelerated processes and deliver the tools you need to maintain positive change.

You can approach life in the following ways

  • You can be passive: You give away your voice, your power and your confidence in conversations and actions. You develop resentments.
  • You can be aggressive: You try to take control by being pushy, loud and sometimes abusive. You have to apologize a lot or maybe you have passive people in your life and they simply quietly hate your actions. You feel alone.
  • You can be passive/aggressive: You will stuff your feelings and quietly withdraw until finally you either explode or you move the furniture so that the other person “accidently” trips and falls. You are still mad and sad.
  • Or, you can be assertive: Your needs are met and conversations are authentic because you are connected to your truth. You effortlessly give and receive love.

Isn’t it time to become your best self?


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