Anxiety Treatment and Benzodiazepine Detox

There was a time in Psychiatric Treatment when we diagnosed patients who were “nervous” with the term “Hysteria”. Now we have large portions of the population who are given the diagnosis of “Anxiety Disorder” which includes panic attacks and the feeling like your heart is going to jump out of your chest and the next breath is questionable. Whatever we call it; it is not only petrifying it is a distraction and limitation to all that you wish you could accomplish in every aspect of your life.

Anxiety Disorders have unfortunately been relegated to the worse course of treatment; Drugs, drugs and more drugs. The anti-anxiety drug category continues to grow. Do you know why? These drugs fail to treat the real problem so anxiety worsens and the pharmaceutical companies add a few new ingredients and another pill is born and now, your anxiety has reached the point where you are not only anxious, but you are addicted.

Doctors who feel sorry for their patients and feel powerless in the face of trembling hands and a racing heart seek the only solution they know; perhaps an all too easy answer. New samples just arrived, “try this one”.  They too fail to inform distressed patients that these drugs are so addictive that if you stop using them you will suffer withdrawals and could now have a seizure.

Benzodiazepines form a drug category that was only meant for limited use for acute anxiety and certainly not for long-term use.

Blaming an uneducated medical system or drug companies is not the solution, but neither are the drugs. Yes, there are medications that will treat symptoms without the liability of addiction and we will incorporate them into your initial Treatment Plan.

You Will Soon Relax with Solutions that Last…

At Newport Recovery you will go through the most comfortable detox possible.

We treat every symptom and use medications to slowly withdrawal from the benzodiazepines.

You will receive medications that allow you to relax, eat, sleep and begin the recovery process. Because everyone is unique, detox protocol is tailored to the individual. All of our nurses are very experienced and know how to stay ahead of any discomfort.

Dr. Penunuri is an expert with benzodiazepine withdrawal and widely renowned by the community at large. Hospitals and other medical professionals refer to him for his experienced approach.

As your body begins to heal and you feel better we are also incorporating other medications for relaxation and sleep. Your serotonin levels are improving and with therapeutic massage, healing energy and body work you feel better each day. Relaxation techniques offer real solutions to an addictive drug that has now and forever lost its ability to relieve chronic anxiety.

We will tuck you in a comfy private room and care for your every need. How can you relax and move through withdrawals in a noisy, sterile hospital environment?

Peace of mind and lasting serenity is our promise.  I know it is hard to believe but relaxation is easy once you learn how. Let us walk you down that path. The time is now.


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