Best Private, Luxury Drug Treatment in California

Best Private, Luxury Drug Treatment in California

Beautiful beaches, cool breezes, personal freedom to use your computer and phone in sunny California and yes the very best medical and therapeutic team is all together in one peaceful place.

Why choose California? Why choose luxury? Because you can.

Mornings at Adelante are serene and simple. There is no rush to get to a group or session, our program is designed to first comfort you and then educate and treat your individual addiction needs with personal sessions. Groups and meetings are not for everyone and that’s just the truth.

This morning one of the patients was swimming laps in the pool while another was on an outing and still another late riser was in the shower. We have as many staff members as we have patients.  We still manage to move the patients further along in their detox and recovery in one day than other facilities accomplish in weeks.

How do we accomplish this? Because our program is designed to first create a mindful appreciation of the many blessings inherent in recovery.  A head full of knowledge is worthless without the desire to live drug free. And a charming house with your own private space, personal counselor, nurse and doctor offers your greatest prognosis for success.

… It just happens to overlook the Pacific Ocean in upscale Corona del Mar, California.

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