Can You Visualize Your Best Life in Addiction Treatment?

Can You Visualize Your Best Life in Addiction Treatment?

Visualize sanity, peace, happiness and your best life ever. No, it is not a woo woo alternative to “real” treatment but rather the most empowering path to jumpstart your future. You’ve heard about “the law of attraction” and the reasoning therein, so why not use that logic to change what you think about?

I can guarantee that if you walk into treatment with thoughts of gloom and doom it is so much harder to initiate change. Instead I challenge you to allow your incredible programmable brain to receive positive input… Unless of course you are just going through the motions to please someone else and even then, all things are possible.

In 2000 I left Western Medicine to return to an educational path that included study of the subconscious mind and what I discovered is that I could actually rewrite my mental software. Education and Certifications included Neuro-Liquistic Programming and Hypnotherapy. I recorded audios to eliminate all of the useless fears and phobias that limited me. I reinvented myself and so can you.

All of the staff at Newport Recovery is also trained to offer these life-changing practices. Private, luxury, exceptional therapy and tools that make sobriety easier,  all because we want you to accomplish your goals.

What are you thinking about? How’s that working for you?


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