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Make Drug Detox Easier

Make Drug Detox Easier The first step is of course admitting that there is a need, a desire and a choice.  We are here to support all of these life saving decisions. The need becomes apparent when alcohol and other drugs are making life more difficult than you can further endure.  Taking this first step [...]

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Families with Addictions over Holidays at Newport Recovery

Families Cope with Addictions over Holidays This is a particularly difficult time for many families who prepare to gather over the holidays. The families are concerned about continuing addictive behavior in loved ones and recovery addicts and alcoholics are realistic about potential triggers for relapse within the family dynamics. Some of our patients who are [...]

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Families in Crisis Choose Newport Recovery

Families in Crisis Choose Newport Recovery When a family member suffers from depression, addiction or other mental conditions the whole family feels the pain and unless the support system also receives Counseling, they too fall prey to the anguish suffered by the primary person in greatest need. I recall so many instances when our patients [...]

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Addiction Treatment for Your Spouse

Addiction Treatment for Your Spouse It is so frustrating. How long can this person that you love and honor ignore the obvious signs of addictive behavior? You watch with sadness and lament, “this is not the person I fell in love with.” In 12 Step Meetings we share the “Serenity Prayer” that offers the view [...]

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Partners Choose Our Detox and Recovery

Partners Choose Our Detox and Recovery Being in a relationship is a challenge in itself; just add addiction and the troubles within the partnership are exaggerated. Each blames the other for the daily chaos and repeated relapses and communication skills fly out the window. We take into consideration that co-dependent tendencies are inherent within these [...]

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Couples Choose Luxury, Private Detox and Rehab

Couples Choose Luxury, Private Detox and Rehab History of substance abuse is common to couples. Drinking or drug use may even have been an aspect of their attraction to each other. Life stressors and shared activities may lead to eventual loss of control and addiction. Their ability to both achieve and maintain sobriety is rare. [...]

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