Choose Best Addiction Recovery Before You NEED It

Choose Best Addiction Recovery Before You NEED It

Just spoke today to an educated young man who, in spite of his worldly wisdom he was no match for the insidious addictive properties of opiate use and ultimate abuse. Because he was in the midst of detox symptoms he “ended up” in the first program he could find. He admitted, “I was 24 hours into detox and just wanted relief”.  He was serious about turning his life around but needed more individualized treatment than this program could offer. He expressed frustration that after 30 days of treatment, there was still something missing: The essential component necessary for long-term sobriety.  He immediately relapsed.

Take away the drugs with their numbing mental and emotional underpinnings and one is left with the Truth: “How did I succumb to addiction and how do I find my essential self?”

Be prepared for the inevitable; the drugs WILL stop working. So before you “hit bottom”, start looking for a program at the “top”.


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Having a safe haven at Newport Recovery allows the feelings to be expressed and soothed with the warmth of love and acceptance for each individual. Those within the residence experience the openness and support from the classes, private indiviualized sessions, and everyday life describing it with one word….”peaceful”.

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