Couples Choose Luxury, Private Detox and Rehab

Couples Choose Luxury, Private Detox and Rehab

History of substance abuse is common to couples. Drinking or drug use may even have been an aspect of their attraction to each other. Life stressors and shared activities may lead to eventual loss of control and addiction. Their ability to both achieve and maintain sobriety is rare.

At Newport Recovery we believe that a united commitment to sobriety is not only possible but increases positive outcomes. Our willingness to admit couples is unique to addiction detox and rehab. Our Team of Professionals constructs a healing environment where together we observe and respond to the manner in which you trigger relapse in each other.

When I listen to reasons for relapse I hear, “when he starts drinking again, I use it as an excuse to join him”. Or, “I get so angry that she is bringing drugs in the house that I eventually relapse with her.” Let the blame games begin.

I admit personally, that I would not have the willpower to resist the temptation in the same situation, especially in the first days and months of sobriety. Sustained sobriety is hard enough in the most ideal situations.

You watched each other spiral out of control, risking mental and physical health. Why not share in the joy of recovery?

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