Couples Program

Couples Program

A Private, Intimate Space for Recovery and Discovery

Addiction and Co-dependency Affects Relationships

Because Newport Recovery at Adelante offers private suites and admits no more than five inpatients you have the individualized attention necessary to uncover the issues that sabotage your relationship while also focusing on yourself.

Our professional team has extensive education and experience with the issues facing a couple where one or both are faced with addiction and co-dependency.

It is the subtle “red flags” that we observe as you interact at the breakfast table and throughout the day that gives us the opportunity to point out problematic behavior in real time and offer therapeutic solutions.

Only Leading Center that Admits Couples for DetoxCouples Reconnect

We understand the complex issues that couples face:

  1. A Communication style that centers on blame and shame
  2. Worrying more about the other’s problems than taking care of yourself and your peace of mind
  3. Uncovering the words and behaviors that trigger relapse
  4. Wishing and hoping that the other person would change so that your life, sobriety and happiness would be easier
  5. Admitting to yourself that you have been part of the problem by enabling; Lying to others to protect the reputation of your partner and minimizing the seriousness of their problem

Newport Recovery Offers Outpatient and Aftercare

Following your complete assessment and treatment plan, we may determine that an outpatient program will be appropriate for your needs or financial situation.

Following inpatient treatment we will secure your continued progress with a comprehensive Aftercare Treatment Plan.



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