“Curiosity” Reminds Us To Be Proud of a Dedication to Succeed

“Curiosity” reminds us to be proud of a dedication to succeed with a delightful name and spectacular space landing.

We celebrate success and mastery of the individual at Newport Recovery.

I can’t help but mention in my writings about the “Curiosity” space landing today. I want to give applause and respect to the scientists who devoted their time, intentions and energy to create and complete something that must have seemed overwhelming at the onset.

Of course you know I am going to compare detox and recovery in the same vein.  While in active addiction it seems impossible to be anything other than stuck. When I first entered the world of recovery after flushing my drugs down the toilet and pouring the booze down the sink, I knew only that if it were possible for one other person to live in peace, it was possible for me.

It is possible for you. I welcome you to join us on this journey called recovery. Find passion and purpose deep within the talents you will discover deep inside.

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