Drug Overdose now Leading Cause of Accidental Death

Drug Overdose now Leading Cause of Accidental Death

New statistics point to prescription drugs.  This includes combining opiates and benzodiazepines and often times adding alcohol.  Patients are misinformed at the onset of drug use; after all, these are legal and promoted by the medical community.

My patients say, “my doctor never said that I could become addicted or warned me how dangerous these drugs could be, or that the chances of overdose and death is so prevalent”.  What is most disturbing is that the average person is so uninformed. They have no idea that their chances for addiction or possible death is the leading cause of accidental death, now surpassing the former leader in accidental death, car accidents.

At least 85 percent of my patients have a dual addiction, primarily alcohol and prescription drugs.  This includes all ages. They begin their drug use with a trip to the doctor with complaints of body pain (back and neck pain) and anxiety and insomnia.

Because of the rapid onset of addiction and difficulty and dangers of withdrawals, users require inpatient treatment.  Thankfully we specialize in providing a safe, comfortable, private, confidential detox and rehab in a luxury environment with medical experts and caring counselors.  Make the call for a free, confidential assessment counseling session.



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