Drug Treatment: Release the Fear in Private Recovery

Drug Treatment: Release the Fear in Private Recovery

When you are about to lose your “best” friend; Your drugs, alcohol, food or any other compulsive, addictive behavior or substance, the fear factor is HUGE.  Every moment of every day the mind plots and plans the next escape from the next moment of impending doom.

Every addict knows the loss of control and overwhelming fear.

So how does anyone escape the cycle of doom?

Daily contact with my patients reassures me that trans formative thinking allows the addict mind to minimize need for the addiction and grasp the possibility of lasting happiness.  Surrender to our open arms and understanding soul. For my staff, and me we know what it feels like to move into a trusting energy with comfortable medical detox and individualized treatment to reduce the recurring fear.

Remember before you rode your first two-wheel bicycle… Someone held you up just briefly and then let go, to trust that you would and could remain upright on your own. That’s it. 1. Trust 2. Get on board. 3. Fly down the road.  It really it that simple;

It is only the addict mind that MAKES it all “appear” fearful.

Welcome home. We your journey begins with trust.


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