Dual Diagnosis in Private, Confidential Recovery

What is Dual Diagnosis?

At Newport Recovery, we have achieved great success at uncovering the underlying symptoms that are often masked beneath the need to self-medicate with substances that later may contribute to addiction.

When we are hurting, with either physical or emotional pain, the body and mind seek equilibrium and immediate relief.  In some cases, addictive substances are the first round of defense, either with alcohol, legal or illegal drugs.  It becomes difficult at that point to separate the two.

Am I really depressed, stressed and escaping reality because I feel powerless over my pain or am I now escalting the issues with substances that create more of the same.

Our private, individualized program searches for the chicken or the egg in a luxury small intimate setting where we assist in “making sense out of life” with a more evolved approach to a more permanent solution.

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