Dual Diagnosis & Mental Health Stabilization

The Treatment of “Dual-Diagnosis” addresses psychological and behavioral symptoms of both psychiatric and addiction diagnosis.  Over the last several decades it has become increasingly necessary to address this condition in Treatment Programs.

Newport Recovery admits and treats patients who struggle with this diagnosis while providing dignity, individuality and respect for their unique concerns.

We are one of the few programs that offer a complete and inclusive Treatment Plan that offers a higher prognosis for successful recovery of Dual Diagnosis.

A Problem with Solutions to Treat the “Whole Being”

It is widely accepted that our Dual Diagnosis patients have often used substances to “cope” with depression, anxiety and obsessive compulsive behaviors, therefore this becomes a “chicken or the egg” dilemma. Once we remove the addictive substances we can better treat the underlying issues and determine if there is a true psychiatric diagnosis. We can also assess need for alternative medications to treat recurring mental and physical symptoms.

It is much more effective when we tailor a Treatment Plan to the needs of the “whole being”  while considering any contributing mind, body, emotional factors.

Recovery in a Confidential, Private, Luxury Setting

What a great idea. You have enough to deal with in making a decision to move forward through one of your most important life transitions toward wellness. So let’s keep you comfy, safe, medically and holistically treated and at the same time we’ll laugh, love and  you’ll enjoy a private room and beautiful view.


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