Dual Diagnosis Requires Innovative Therapies

Mental Illness Requires Innovative Treatment Not Incarceration

Non-violent inmates with psychiatric disorders fill our prison systems while hospitalization and treatment beds have decreased from 400,000 beds to 40,000.Partly due to the stigma surrounding this diagnosis a large portion of our population have been denied the opportunity to receive programs that have been proven successful with a combination of medications and therapy.

When I think that decades ago, drug and alcohol abuse were treated as mental illness, it reminds me that an educated society often changes approach to larger problems when they accept elements of the human condition as treatable.

Today, we know better – our approach triumphs the Human Spirit.

We have witnessed extraordinary results with our patients who were previously deemed hopeless. Using cognitive therapy, behavior modification, esteem building and in some cases using more benign medications, these individuals evolve into a more functioning human being.

Never more apparent are the dramatic changes that we observe in our patients who are struggling with substance abuse. Upon admittance they exhibit symptoms that would appear to the uneducated, that this person is on the verge of insanity. With detox, therapy, nutrition and education an intelligent, goal oriented and thoughtful human being emerges.

We are very careful to offer a premature psychiatric diagnosis.  Because we are not beholding to insurance company parameters we are free to search for truth. We are patient and willing to observe attitudes and behaviors before attaching labels.  Yes, in the first few days we are involved in more one on one therapeutic intervention, but isn’t it worth it?



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