Families in Crisis Choose Newport Recovery

Families in Crisis Choose Newport Recovery

When a family member suffers from depression, addiction or other mental conditions the whole family feels the pain and unless the support system also receives Counseling, they too fall prey to the anguish suffered by the primary person in greatest need.

I recall so many instances when our patients arrived, accompanied by loved ones who are so relieved, and experience a sense of hope. But the worries do not suddenly disappear and here lies the ongoing need for their Counseling.

Statistics show that anyone who cares for a person with self-destructive behaviors also develops symptoms. If they do not address their own sense of loss, they will continue to be manipulated by their loved one or because they experience a void when the patient is in treatment, they will sabotage recovery.

Another scenario that occurs within the dynamics of this relationship is that while the patient is in recovery they feel left out. I know this sounds crazy but the folks at home may even want the patient to come home before they are well.

Addictive relationships are mired in desire for control. So it appears as if the patient doesn’t need you anymore, or even though they were upsetting the peace, you want them back sooner than they are ready and the fact remains that if only the patient changes and the relationship dynamics or need for control goes untreated, everyone will resort to the old default system and the whole cycle begins again.

At Newport Recovery we encourage everyone to either seek help from us, or somewhere that addresses this inevitable outcome. Human beings thrive when everyone is addressing the needs of “the person in the mirror”.



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