Families with Addictions over Holidays at Newport Recovery

Families Cope with Addictions over Holidays

This is a particularly difficult time for many families who prepare to gather over the holidays. The families are concerned about continuing addictive behavior in loved ones and recovery addicts and alcoholics are realistic about potential triggers for relapse within the family dynamics.

Some of our patients who are currently staying at our Center have decided to remain with us over the holidays because of the possible stressors that would arise so early in their recovery if they left now and then faced the possibility that families and friends would not understand how important it is to maintain a safe and sober environment.

Just imagine if you are sober, and you go home and there are others who are drinking or even using other drugs in your presence, because they believe you are “cured”. They may lack education about the nature of your fears and for your need to be safe with a sober environment.

I recall in my early days of sobriety that I did choose to spend the holidays with others in recovery. I knew that others who would be drinking did not have a problem with it, yet my own discomfort with these temptations and innate desire to be a “normal” drinker could arise.

It is difficult for both sides; loved ones have wanted to see you sober and happy for so long and now that they have you back, this is especially confusing for them when you say “I can’t be around the party scene”.  You may want to please them so you put yourself in situations that are potentially a path to relapse.

The message to the whole family and other loved ones is to ask for a third party intervention. At Newport Recovery, we always include families in our recovery process.



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It is very important to celebrate with sober colleagues in order to develop the strength to slowly be around the social scene without the stressors. I totally agree with what Pamela says in this blog.

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