Fear and Worry Leads to Drug and Alcohol Relapse

Fear and Worry Leads to Drug and Alcohol Relapse

There was a period of time in my recovery when I was confronted with an inability to eliminate a lifelong tendency to fret and worry, even though on the surface my worries appeared baseless. My thoughts were racing and anxiety rose to the point that I was forced to restructure my automatic thinking or lose my sobriety.

I invested time and energy into discovering the source of my discontent.  I realized that although I was a member of 12 Step Programs I never really embraced the spiritual offerings therein.  I became painfully aware that I needed to delve further into the comfort I might experience with a Source of fulfillment other than my relationships, career accomplishments or physical stuff.

I used hypnotherapy to reprogram my subconscious mind. I actually left my position in a top Chemical Dependency Hospital as a Registered Nurse and Counselor to travel several days a week to San Diego to take courses in Neuro-Linquistic Programming and Hypnotherapy.  What a great decision. Not only did I cure my obsessive thinking I perfected a tool to help others to do the same.  I am no longer a worrywart.

When I attempted a return to traditional medicine armed with this exceptional expertise, I was informed to my dismay…. “We love you, but insurance companies will not pay for that”, even though they admitted it would be very helpful in treating addictions, they admitted hospital administrators and insurance payees tied their hands.  I waved goodbye and left with my tools start a private practice and holistic addiction treatment center.

I am free.  Free from personal fear and worry and free to develop a progressive detox and recovery center.  Dr. Penunuri and I answer to a Higher Source.



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