Gold Medals to Our Recovering Patients in Newport

Gold Medals to Our Recovering Patients in Newport

Whenever I witness the discharge of our sober patients I feel like they deserve a Gold Medal.  Detox, recovery, new lease on life and an attitude that all things are possible.

I watched the closing Olympic Ceremony tonight and the music took me back to the memories of my life through song. I have to admit I was dancing the whole time.

I started drinking and drugging listening to Beatles and thinking at the time that I was too cool until they turned on me and was lost in the struggle of addiction.

So tonight I danced and achieved a “real” high.  I was tearful listening to John Lennon singing, “imagine”.

Sober dancing is just as exciting without drugs. I am still the disco queen.

I am sure that my patients this week will just have to accept it..  I will probably break out in song and dance.

Sobriety has so many rewards and no regrets and I have my memories of times past.

Sometimes people ask me do I have guilt about the “lost” years. Not really. I survived with my best times yet to come as I remain in recovery one day at a time.

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