High Profile Patients Trust Our Private Addiction Treatment

High Profile Patients Trust Our Private Addiction Treatment

Yes, we have all seen the tabloids exploit the rich and famous as they enter detox looking like a homeless person. We cater to those who would rather not publicize their decision to turn their lives around.

At Newport Recovery we take pride in our ability to keep your recovery private. Our commitment to confidentiality is not only the law but also necessary to the outcome of individualized treatment. We have become very creative at “sneaking” around to keep our patients out of the public eye.

We offer a private, luxury environment. Our professional Team is more interested in positive outcomes than celebrity status. All of our patients appreciate being secluded from outside distractions and share a desire for discretion.

A few months ago we were approached by a “reality” show to feature our Recovery Center because of our high success rate and innovative processes. Doctor Penunuri and I agree that exploitation of our patients is never an option. We are already famous for what we do.

From medical professionals, CEO’s and Community Leaders to Hollywood Celebrities, we believe you all deserve care, not more chaos.

I have worked at other top hospitals and centers that take a photo of each patient when admitted for identification purposes. We are small enough where such a practice is not necessary. We actually think it is humiliating.

Smile, sobriety and mental health is something to celebrate.



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