In-House Expert Medical Doctor

Newport Recovery at Adelante is not only unique to the fact that we have an in-house physician but we have the very best. Rafael Penunuri, MD is a celebrated expert in the field of Addiction Treatment. We are blessed.

A Medical Doctor that truly loves addicts and alcoholics and those struggling with other life transitions is so rare. It is also rare to find a doctor who is working hard to help people get off addictive substances.

One of the leading causes of death in our country is prescription drug use, abuse and overdose. So instead of appeasing patients by giving them want they “want” which is a quick fix, he takes the time in his private practice and our program to explain the dangers inherent in these increasingly prescribed drugs of abuse.

Patients enter treatment with this all too common statement, “but my doctor said that these drugs are just safe”.  They also proclaim, “My doctor never told me I could become addicted”. Dr. Penunuri is not afraid to tell them the truth.

He explains in detail to our patients, in words they understand, exactly what is happening to their brain and body as a result of alcohol and abuse of other drugs.

Our Medical Director Listens to Patients and Team

Dr. Penunuri actually listens to daily observations of Nurses, Therapists and Counselors and contributes to the Treatment Plan.  He has extensive education and experience and we all appreciate that he offers input and also believes in us. We are a Team.

He spends quality time with each patient (what a concept). He will later come back to the Team and express what he “heard” from each patient.  He so desperately wants to confirm that all their needs are met.

We have to share the Sunday afternoon that he came in the Center with such excitement and said, “Look what I bought!” He had a truck in the driveway with the top of the line massage chair. “This will help everyone relax and increase their comfort level.” It was his idea to make sure that we provide gourmet cuisine by hiring a professional chef.

We love you Dr. P and enjoy your upbeat attitude and belief that “All things are possible, if we just try harder.”  We are listening to you.

Why He Earned Our Respect and Trust

Dr. Rafael Penunuri is our full-time staff physician and has over 20 years of extensive experience in detoxification and general family practice.  He has been a trusted doctor in the Southern California medical community since 1985, and is board certified with the American Board of Family Practice since July 1985.  Dr. Penunuri is a graduate of UCLA School of Medicine.

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