Luxury Drug Treatment or Buy for More Drugs

Luxury Drug Treatment or Buy for More Drugs

Substance abusers easily spend money on a growing drug habit, but when it comes to investing in sobriety they will often complain, “I can’t afford to enter rehab”.

Private, individualized therapy, medical detox and ongoing support is an investment far more lasting than “chasing” a very expensive high. So how is it that a person who is clearly suffering, is not willing to pay for treatment?

When I add up all of the money I spent on drugs during my 15 years of abusing, I could have paid for treatment many times over. And more significant is the financial income accrued over the decades I have been in recovery.

Families and patients make the decision to redirect their resources when they realize that not only is it a more profitable choice but a matter of life and death. Addicts and alcoholics die prematurely. Funerals are expensive.

Welcome to recovery; a more fulfilling financial outcome.


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