Luxury, Private Detox and Rehab for CEO’s

Luxury, Private Detox and Rehab for CEO’s

Why would we offer a unique environment for the “upper class”? All addict/alcoholics are all alike, right? Wrong. The nature of  the disease and inherent denial is more effectively addressed when patients can “identify” with their peers.

Our patients so often admit that attempts at recovery in most other facilities failed partly due to the fact that they had to listen to life experiences totally different from theirs.“One size fits all” programs, even those boasting a luxurious setting fail to accommodate the specialized therapeutic needs of success driven professionals.

Newport Recovery serves only four patients at a time. Therapy is individualized, private, and confidential and attracts those who are use to comfort and peer identification. Medical detox is also individualized with the very best nurses and Dr. Penunuri, a leading Addictionologist.

Professionals have a greater prognosis for lasting sobriety and wellness at Newport Recovery because we cater to their accustomed level of comfort. Our gourmet chef, private suites, confidentiality and privacy create an environment that is more conducive to our patient’s daily life, which explains our high success rate.

Our rules are minimal and we treat you like an adult. Keep your phone, computer and time to conduct business. We are focused on a safe, comfortable detox and therapeutic outcomes. Your phone or computer did not get you drunk or drugged.




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