Medical Professionals Seek Addiction Treatment

Perhaps it is access to drugs and an  innate feeling of being above it all that creates a pathway to addiction for medical professionals.

The stress of working in a problem based system plus the access to drugs opens the door to addiction. I went through my own recovery from drug addiction before I entered the field.  Twelve years into recovery I completed my medical education and was licensed to work as a Registered Nurse.  One of my first positions was at a free standing hospital that treated psychiatric disorders and chemical dependency.  After the pharmacist left at the end of the day the charge nurse had the key to all of the drugs and the pharmacy.

I remember an incident when a fellow nurse lost his position for stealing drugs in large quantities.  I remember thinking how could he jeopardize his career rather than seek help?  He was stuck in his addiction and the stigma attached to a process that prosecutes. If he could have sought help without incrimination,  perhaps he would have.

At Newport Recovery we want to make it easier for everyone to seek help in a place where confidentiality, privacy and therapy that offers life style changes and coping skills. We are small, intimate and upscale where professionals can keep their phone and computer while making the transition into wellness with leading experts in the field.



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Within the quiet sanctuary of one’s heart of the addict, there is a cry to be loved by oneself. With the intimate setting of a recovery center as Newport is, there is the opportunity to hear it and learn to create the shift necessary to heal.

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