Medical Professionals Seek Private Addiction Treatment

Medical Professionals Seek Private Addiction Treatment

As opiate addiction looms over the greater population our Medical Professionals fall prey to the epidemic. We understand that a private, comprehensive, individualized and discreet Treatment Center is a must.

The dishonor associated with addiction treatment traverses public opinion. Although addiction has been a designated a disease since 1957, reality demonstrates major discrimination against the afflicted and even more so with medical professionals.

Do we demonize obese people who develop diabetes or heart disease? Not in my experience. So why the disgrace associated with addiction? Both groups have obviously contributed to their condition with behavioral choices and yet substances abuses are considered social outcasts while diabetics are “sick”.

I am not suggesting we pity addicted medical professionals, what I am proposing is that this highly educated segment of the work force deserve opportunity for respectful treatment and a second chance.

At Newport Recovery our customized program considers the individual and confidential needs of all those who seek the very best approach to successful treatment of substance abuse and dual diagnosis.

Patients who have a purpose have a greater prognosis for success. We are honored to provide a path to prosperity for those dedicated to serving humanity.


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