Mental Health & Addictions; Breaking Habits

We always have choices but when we feel “stuck” it is difficult to choose the Higher road.

After 9-11, a young boy asked his father about what to do with the anger that was expressed by all.  His father reminded him of a story from his Indian heritage.

When two wolves approach and one is angry and the other is kind, I must decide what to do next.  The boy asks what will you do next?  The father replies, I must decide which one I will feed and keep alive.

Throughout our lives we decide to hold onto the choices that further discontent or actions that heal.  We can either feed our addictive thinking and loss of control or turn to loving support and new beginnings.

Let us teach you the practices that empower your moments of indecision with the confidence to choose the High road.  Our center is small, private, individualized and offers a setting that is both peaceful and pleasant.

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