Mental Health Symptoms can Lead to Addiction

Mental Health Symptoms can Lead to Addiction

When individuals suffer from stress, anxiety, insomnia and compulsive thinking search for relief and  they often opt for immediate relief through drugs and alcohol. We find in our Treatment Center that many of our patients suffer from a “dual diagnosis”.

Most Addiction Programs lack the Psychiatric component to serve this population.  Our Program Director is not only an Addiction Counselor, but an experienced psychiatric Nurse.  We begin our therapeutic process by first detoxing patients from addictive substances before making a mental health diagnosis. Once the patient is free of mind altering drugs we can then observe and determine a baseline.

Unfortunately, too many psychiatric professionals jump to diagnosis based on behaviors intertwined with addictive behaviors.  I realize that their educational experience promotes that protocol but that does not necessarily serve patient to be labeled with a diagnosis and all that entails.  The answer is most often to add medication rather than looking at the individual.

Our Treatment Program treats individuals and looks deeper into the personality and behaviors first form a more holistic approach. With a new way of living life with life’s challenges and proactive approach we discover a very competent Being who can and will develop coping skills when they learn a personalized approach to living life.  We use hypnotherapy, meditation, self talk, relationship repair, along with education and behavior modification.  the answer to a productive, happy future does not necessarily comprise of drugs and diagnosis.

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