Newport Recovery Team Meetings are Miracles

Addiction Recovery Succeeds When The Team Believes in Solutions

I have worked in Recovery Treatment for 30 years and participated in numerous staff meetings that were “one dimensional” and often more focused on problems than solutions. Our Team Meeting today was centered on how we all can evolve. We take personal responsibility for “being” our best selves as we introduce Recovery to our patients.

I count my blessings at the end of this day to witness the excitement and enthusiasm of my Team as we explored all options in creating individualized Treatment Plans. Because our systems produce such accelerated dramatic results we revise our assessments, interventions and outcomes on a daily basis.

It is a day like today that I say to my self, “Self, you are blessed”.

How do we accomplish our Intentional Treatment Goals? First, we center our personal energy before we facilitate groups and individual sessions. Second, we assure the quality of these interactions by assessing the exchange of dialogue and ask are we all “fully present” in this moment? Third, once we establish a high level of communication we can offer real life solutions to immediate concerns.

A problem is never solved in the same energy that it was created.

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