Newport Recovery Treats Addictions and Dual Diagnosis

Newport Recovery Treats Addictions and Dual Diagnosis

Mental Health diagnosis often accompanies Addiction problems. We find that patients often use substances to self medicate contributing mental and emotional symptoms. The contributing scenario includes visits to medical professionals with complaints of anxiety, insomnia, confusion and disruptive behaviors and rather than treat the underlying cause, medications are often over prescribed. The patient’s true problem was not a drug deficiency.

At Newport Recovery we treat the “whole person”. With mental health assessment and intensive one on one Counseling, we uncover the primary contributing factors that led to drug addiction.  More often than not, with a systematic individualized approach, we discover that our processes and tools offer symptom relief with or without the use of non-addictive medications.

A recent patient reported with delight, “I am sleeping through the night using the relaxation techniques that I learned and continue to use nightly”.

It is midnight and all I hear are the sounds of sleeping.  Quiet please.

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