Pain Management and Opiate Detox

Obviously a Tylenol is not enough.  We are witnessing the addiction to opiates as one of the biggest issues facing our country. It is not only the middle aged and older generations with complaints of aches and pain, it is also impacting our youth in record numbers. They often begin by helping themselves to the home medicine cabinet and graduating to street pills and heroin. Early death impacts the entire addicted population but also leads to increased fatality for those who combine other drugs and alcohol.

So what if there is REAL Pain?

With the majority of the over 30 population, opiate use begins with treatment for a medical condition. Even 20 years ago, these addictive drugs were very limited and more controlled.

We can blame the explosion of addiction to opiates on drug companies or ill-informed physicians, but what good will that do for you or your loved ones?

The real picture reveals the truth about long-term opiate use… They stop working. The patient returns to the Doc and complains that the pain is worse. The Doc prescribes higher doses or stronger drugs. This pattern continues to the point where that initial pain is no longer manageable and the quality of life has diminished. It is difficult to show up for life when you are numb.

In plain language, the brain is no longer producing an adequate supply of endorphins. As the dosage increases, the brain shuts down even further until the patient is just hoping to avoid withdrawal symptoms when they try to cut down on their own.

The Good News is that Your Endorphins Will Return

At Newport Recovery you will go through the most comfortable detox possible.

We treat every symptom and use medications to slowly withdrawal the opiates.

You will receive medications that allow you to relax, eat, sleep and begin the recovery process. Because everyone is unique, detox protocol is tailored to the individual. All of our nurses are very experienced and know how to stay ahead of any discomfort.

Dr. Penunuri is an expert in opiate withdrawal and widely renowned by the community at large. Hospitals and other medical professionals refer to him for his experienced approach.

As your body begins to heal and you feel better we are also incorporating other medications for relaxation and sleep. Your endorphin levels are improving and with therapeutic massage, healing energy and body work. Relaxation techniques offer real solutions to an addictive drug that has now and forever lost its ability to relieve chronic pain.

We will tuck you in a comfy private room and care for your every need. Can’t imagine tackling withdrawals in a noisy, sterile hospital environment.

Expect the best at one of the most trying times in your life.


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