Prescription Drug Use Increases Treatment Needs in California

Prescription Drug Use Increases Treatment Needs in California

I wonder how much “pain” are our youth really in? Is this just one more signal that the human condition as fallen prey to the “pressures” of life? The necessity to resist reality leads to the ultimate escape.

I witness the addiction and death of so many young people in our communities and I know more than ever that what “worked” in the past requires a complete overhaul in treatment approach.  We have to offer our patients something to believe in and a reason to show up for life to not only stay alive but to thrive.

Prescription Drug Misuse in California is on the increase. This is an alarming development with an overwhelming figure in California. One out of four youths has confessed to using a prescription medication not prescribed to them.

Center for Disease Control declares that the U.S. is in the clutch of a widespread problem of prescription medication overdoses:  It is anticipated that 30,000 individuals will perish this year.

More facts about prescription drug misuse:

•    More prescriptions are being given out than ever before: There is an rise of nearly 50 percent in retail drugstore medications of the most regularly misused prescription medication class in the previous decade. More individuals are perishing from prescription medications: There is nearly a 300 percent rise in fatalities from prescription opioids in less than ten years. Prescription medications contribute to more overdose fatalities than heroin or cocaine put together. More youths are misusing prescription medications than methamphetamine, heroin and cocaine put together. They consider them harmless when compared to illegal drugs.

We must take drug addiction much more serious and offer recovery programs more aligned with the severity of this epidemic. My team and I seek to empower the individual’s desire to live, before we attempt to break through the devastating degree of denial.


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