Program Overview

A Private, Luxurious, Healing Space for the Needs of the Individual

Our Professional Team Believes that All Things are Possible and Above All… We are Dedicated Your Recovery and Well-being

Your Physical Care:

  • We perform a complete physical and mental assessment by physician, Registered Nurses, and Mental Health Professionals for all future inpatient and outpatient programs to determine an appropriate placement and treatment plan.
  • Once accepted, we provide 24-hour treatment by Registered Nurses with specialized credentials and daily physical assessment by Dr. Penunuri.
  • History and Physical, prescribed labs, assessment of current and updated prescribed medications for detox and stabilization.

Alcohol and Drug Detox:

  • Medical detox protocol is uniquely prescribed to treat individual symptoms. Our primary goal is providing a safe and comfortable withdrawal in a private room.

Recovery Treatment and Mental Health Program:

  • Classes, groups, one on one counseling and special events are designed to incorporate personal development, purposeful activities, productive life skills and goals for success.
  • Individualized Recovery Treatment Plans are updated as progress and transitional needs arise.
  • We assist patients in embracing an abstinence based future.
  • Primary focus begins with establishing a level of conscious awareness that allows our clients to approach life challenges with Higher Consciousness.
  • 12 Step groups are encouraged and provided but never required.

Specialized Programs Unique to Newport Recovery:

  • Individual therapy that focuses on Mind, Body, Emotional and Spiritual Wellness.
  • Reframe the subconscious mind to master life’s stressors with more positive life choices.
  • Very unique to Newport Recovery is our Detox and Recovery Program for Couples.
  • Relationship Classes and individual sessions open to singles and couples.

Pro-active Tools that Optimize Positive and Productive Change

  • Meditation and Breath Work
  • Hypnosis, NLP, EFT, Suggestion Therapy and Intuitive Process
  • Pro-Active Communication Skills
  • Yoga, Massage, Reiki, Individualized Workouts and Reflexology
  • Nutritional Assessment and Suggestions for Optimal Body Weight and Strength
  • Stress Assessment and Management
  • Job and Life Skills that Include:  Talent and experience evaluation, resume and job search


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