Reclaim Mental Health at California’s Best Private Drug Rehab

Reclaim Mental Health at California’s Best Private Drug  Rehab

We usually start out using substances to relax, unwind and socialize but then… Our best friend contributes to greater stress, ruined relationships, career failures and feeling out of control and finally mental madness.

My lofty life goals were the focus of my growing years, expecting to accomplish success, and based upon my academic record and commitment to life purpose I was well on my way to greatness. And then I took my first drink and the drink and other drugs took me ever further away from my dreams.

At first I was a functional “user” in my first career and a rising start as a journalist. Within a few years my ability to consistently excel at my job fell prey to my addictions.

Did I figure out that I needed to get into rehab and seek addiction treatment? Eventually… it only took 15 years until I realized that my lofty goals to be a great journalist left me working at a small advertising circular owned by an alcoholic.  We had really long liquid lunches. The paper went out of business fairly soon.  Surprised? At that point I was barely employable so I started my own business. I was must too focused on escaping life than marketing my talents.

I am so blessed. I hit bottom and actually did have a Spiritual Awakening with a moment of clarity. In a moment in time I threw out all of the drugs and alcohol and crawled back into mental health.  I immediately discovered that recovery was the best choice I made in years and quite likely the only reason I am alive some 30 years later.

I returned to college and pursued a career in all areas of addiction recovery. I always believed that somehow, I would study, practice, study and practice some more until I knew I could create the very best treatment program in the world.

I am so blessed. Adelante Recovery Center is everything I would, could and did imagine and manifest with the help of the leading experts in the field and my partner, Dr. Rafael Penunuri.

Mental health, success and satisfaction is yours. Welcome home. And the best part is that you get to hang out with us while you detox, find your passion for life and regain your will to show up for life in a private room, with medical experts and therapists that design a program unique to your individual needs.






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