Recovery in Peace at Newport Recovery

Newport Recovery Is The Place for Peaceful Recovery’

We had a delightful evening yesterday, our speaker presented the topic of Co-Creation.  He began by asking all of us to set an intention for this year.  Our patients and alumni mentioned that staying clean and sober was their top priority.  I was so impressed with how much they have evolved since they walked through our doors the first time.

The speaker commented on how peaceful he feels at our Center and that the Energy is always so inviting.  He even said that he would love to stay with us just to bask in the serenity that is Newport Recovery.  I said of course you can, we have one bedroom open at this time.

Please come and visit and experience the love, joy and welcoming Energy that is Newport Recovery.  We always have a chair for you at the dinner table.  You may also choose to join in on one of our groups or event.  Welcome home.  

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