Treatment and Recovery Individualized for Positive Change

Treatment and Recovery Individualized for Positive Change

There are so many common symptoms that addicts and alcoholics share: Blood pressure spikes, nausea, body aches, sleeplessness. We treat all symptoms with medical interventions and soon the body heals. But that is where the similiarity ends. Life stressors and contributing factors are unique to the individual.

I discovered over years of working with other one size fits all programs that there is no way to treat everyone the same. In just the last month only, our patients have been as different as snowflakes. I am certain that our success rate is based on the fact that individualized treatment plans are imperative in creating a positive outcome and relapse prevention.

I find that there is a common thread… willingness to accept the need for change. Our professional team and increased one on one therapy assesses each patient and offers a personal plan. Life is full of change, we offer the most proactive  approach to positive change.

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