What Happens When Diagnosing Goes Wrong

What Happens When Diagnosing Goes Wrong

If I would have entered the hospital system 30 years ago I could still be crazy.  I chose to go to 12 Step meetings to treat my addictions, rather than using my insurance at Western Medicine institutions.

Following detox, I was very depressed. I was encouraged by doctors to take meds and this was before my formal education in psychology and medicine, but I just knew that I had to work through it with my recovery buddies and Higher Power. It took two years before I felt half way “normal”. After 12 years of sobriety I found myself again facing emotional and mental challenges. I again refused meds and instead reached deeper inside to discover that I needed an even greater Spiritual connection. I am so grateful that I chose that path. I achieved authentic healing and began living more fully in the Light.

I tell you this story because all too often as I assess my patients I find that they are over-medicated and misdiagnosed. Previous treatments in hospital or other treatment programs used insurance guidelines to assign a diagnosis that was “covered”. They were labeled as bi-polar, with major depression and anxiety disorders, when in fact their primary diagnosis was addiction, but that wasn’t covered by their insurance.

When we give sobriety some time the brain does heal. I refuse to accept the constraints imposed by insurance companies. Could Doc and I make more money if we took insurance? Probably. But then we would have to compromise and comply and that just wouldn’t be acceptable, nor align with our individualized approach.

Yes, it requires more personal responsibility and patience to practice real coping skills and gain support to learn how to show up for life by setting goals that attract greatness.

Let’s uncover that perfect person with exceptional purpose. Let’s incorporate all of the holistic, cognitive and consciousness shifting tools that produce lasting results. For now, breathe.

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