When Addiction is Involved; Love Hurts.

Families with Addiction Benefit from Newport Recovery Programs

When addiction is involved; Love hurts. Everyone in the family system is yearning for sanity, control and peace. And yet, there continues to be conflict, frustration and a sense of powerlessness. How does anyone who is suffering through this daily dismay find relief? The answer is simple and yet so hard for our human ego to grasp; Surrender and acceptance.

I have experienced every role in the addictive family system both as a dependent in my addiction and a co-dependent family member. As the addict I only cared about my own personal demons, and as a family member I worried about others and neglected my own self-care. With recovery I am able to surrender my will over to a Power greater than myself and accept the things I CAN change, me, while I relinquish the things I CANNOT change, others.

When I developed the Newport Recovery Treatment Program I knew the perfect format would be based on the precept that “Treating Addictions with Love” meant that we would offer an approach to Recovery that emphasized Love. Addicts and their families had already experienced enough discord to last a lifetime. When we preface our conversations with love-based intentions, the energy between all involved offers forgiveness for self and others with the freedom to heal.





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