Willingness is Key to Successful Addiction Treatment

Willingness is Key to Successful Addiction Treatment

Willingness is a not just a word, it is mental and emotional state that offers comfort to choice and change.

Mental willingness is typified by actions that move one in the direction of seeking out a more peaceful state of mind.  Resistance toward moving forward leaves the mind in constant turmoil and a struggle in every moment with every thought. Those facing the inevitable will often say things like, “I don’t want to be told what to do” or “people are always trying to control me.”  When in fact, outsiders are observing continuing indecision as a sign of mental mismanagement.

Willingness is another word for acceptance. Emotional stability emerges and frustrations diminish when we let go of the futility in the “fight”. Fortunately our program and processes at Newport Recovery offer our patients a view of the big picture with more productive outcomes.

Addicts typically have a myriad of excuses and proclamations about how they are different and special. Mental and emotional pain is immediately relieved with the willingness to weigh all of the evidence and options provided with individualized treatment and caring support.

When you or loved ones are ready to take a leap of faith, we are ready with a safety net.


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